This page has free downloadable PDFs for free lancers, teachers or students who are looking for novel exercises and materials  to improve their oboe lives. Click on the links below to download your free etudes or gig materials.

Musician Budgeting Spreadsheet

This free spreadsheet is to keep track of all tax-deductible expenses you might have on gigs or teaching. Examples of things that you can list for taxes: Food (all food on gig trips), instruments, sheet music, gas, mileage,  tuners and other accessories, anything that helps you do your job as a musician.

Trill Scale Exercise – intermediate to advanced

This work out will get you killer technique, be sure to move it around in different keys as well.

Hand out: Advising list for future musicians– New!

A printer friendly version of the list of advice for future music majors. Great for music advising, teachers, and students

Chromatic Scale Work OutNew!

The chromatic scale is a big part of a lot of High School and Middle School auditions. Nail it every time with this Chromatic work out. This exercise has taken me and many of my students to All-Region and All-State success.

Endearing Young Charms – –

Free For a limited time! Get a fun and easy trio for two oboes and English horn sure to raise your spirit with Irish cheer!

What is an oboe
Good Luck with your auditions!

Technique Tuesdays!

Etude for Technique Tuesday video #1—- Technique Tuesday #1 Etude

Technique Tuesday #4 ——Single Tongue Speed drills —–

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