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I struggled through band as a kid, seriously, I was last chair in the district 3 years in a row, as in the worst oboe player period. The trouble was that I loved music. It wasnt until I met a teacher who finally showed me how to understand to feel time and pitch instead of simply recognize it visually, that I began to excel in music. I made region band the next year and then All- State band the year after. Ultimately I got a Scholarship to study at Eastman and now I teach my students the skills and lessons that changed my life. 

Through this weekly course I will help students develop the ability to understand what they hear in a way that is meaningful and instantly transferable to study and performance on any instrument. The best part is that I use games and activities to make the learning process engaging and painless! 

No musical experience is required.  Activities include: body percussion, Listening games, games in a small group setting, basics of notation, basic vocal control games, how to really listen to recordings in a way that makes you love the music.



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