Want to scrape your own reeds? 

Reed Making Class

Reed Classes Summer 2018
Houston Schedule:

6-7:30pm - full

6-7:30pm - full

6-7:30pm - full

6-7:30pm - 1 spots

Class Location:

Because the first set of classes will be at the home of a family member, the exact location will be sent to you after you sign up for a class. The general Ara is Northwest of Houston in the Willowbrook area


  • Individual Reed Class: $50 each session
  • Signup for 3 reed classes for $140 total (save $10)
  • Signup for 4 reed classes for $175 (save $25)

Reed Making

Reed Making is the next step for the development in tone production. I have put together a summary of the process in the embedded video. If  you would like to secure a spot for a reed making lesson please don’t hesitate to contact me or click the button below.  I provide the cane, materials, and tools if you haven’t bought your own yet. You can try my tools and see what you like best to purchase.

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