Want to scrape your own reeds? 

Reed Making Class

Houston Reed Making Classes


  • Individual Reed Class: $60 each session
  • Signup for 3 reed classes for $160 total (save $20)
  • Signup for 4 reed classes for $200(save $40)

Reed Making

Reed Making is the next step for the development in tone production. I have put together a summary of the process in the embedded video. 

 Learn to make reeds in a small group of friends! I provide the cane, materials, and tools if you haven’t bought your own yet. You can try my tools and see what you like best to purchase for your own reed making. I have lots of extra and lots of variety of tools to borrow during class.

To sign up fill out the form below. Availability is limited to groups of 4-5 students in each class so reserve your spot today. 

Once you sign up I will reach out to you to learn about your reed making experience and arrange payment which can be made by Venmo, Zelle, or cash or check. 

Class Location:

Because the first set of classes will be at the home of a family member, the exact location will be sent to you after you sign up for a class. The general Ara is Northwest of Houston in the Willowbrook area

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