Texas All-State oboe audition guide 2021

Preparing for Texas All-State and all region auditions are a rite of passage for high school oboists across the state. Use these materials to help you prepare and achieve your best possible audition.  Of course private lessons are the best way to make sure you are in good shape for your oboe goals. Sign up for a trial lesson by clicking the button below. Remember that everyone has the same amount of time to prepare so work hard and smart and have fun! 


Scales are important to master to make your etudes fluid and reliable. These three exercises will help polish your scales to wow the judges! 


 Each etude begins with a model performance and then delves into some key features and practice techniques. Remember to be patient and practice consistently. The Youtube player has a speed setting so you can playback the etude more slowly if needed.

Finally the Chromatic Scale is on almost every audition and etude in some form.... so be sure to master it!

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